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Virtual Training

Train From Home With a Dedicated Instructor

Today’s collaborative web technology now allows CPM Solutions to deliver courses in a virtual environment. Students can be located anywhere in the world and simply need access to audio (computer or phone) and the internet to take part in our fully interactive, live training.

In all training courses, we include a 30-day trial of our CPM Cloud Portal with Oracle Primavera P6 to give students access to our personally-designed training databases. This gives students the chance to practice what they’ve learned in our course over a period of time in both the Professional (Windows) Client and Web Client. You’ll access our database through the CPM Cloud Portal that is easily accessible through any Internet browser so there’s no need for any pesky or complicated installation. If you register students for Virtual Training, you will receive a personal login to practice lessons and case studies at your own pace.

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Courses Offered Virtually

In our virtual classroom, you get direct, comprehensive training from Primavera experts using seamless over-the-web connectivity. You will receive the same content delivered in CPM’s traditional “brick and mortar” classrooms. Similar to our traditional classroom setting, CPM’s virtual classroom stresses the same hands-on learning, providing each registered student with exclusive access to live Primavera systems throughout each course.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Training

  • Eliminate travel costs, wasted time, and hassle by training from a convenient location (home, office, etc.)
  • Access to a live instructor for the complete duration of the course
  • Course materials will either be available for download or shipped direct to your door
  • Use your own PC for the duration of the class
  • Interaction with classmates from North America and around the world


How Does Virtual Training Work?

With the latest technology, CPM has created a virtual training environment for everyone to access Primavera P6 without the hassle and complication of installing it themselves. A CPM instructor will lead the class using collaboration software so that each student can view the instructors screen and vice versa. Working together through the course, the instructor can share any application on their desktop, including slideshows, documents, and Primavera P6. Students can also easily share their screen with the instructor and the entire class for questions and troubleshooting as well.

Before the course commences, the instructor will set individual appointments to ensure that their internet connection is stable and computer is configured to access the collaboration software and CPM’s P6 database. Students do not need their own copy of Primavera P6 EPPM or PPM. CPM provides students access to the Primavera P6 database set-up specifically for our custom course. Depending on the group size, the CPM instructor and student(s) will decide how to communicate – either by VoIP phone or by conference.

All students are responsible connecting into the live meeting on time as the course will be conducted the same hours and duration that classroom courses are set at.

What You’ll Need to Take a Virtual Course

The technical requirements to participate in a virtual classroom delivery are basic and require little to no cost to implement. The following is a summary of the major requirements:

  • Ability of registered student to download meeting applications, plug-ins, etc… required for participation in virtual classroom delivery
  • Computer (laptop, desktop, PC)
  • High-speed Internet access (LAN, DSL, cable)
  • Larger monitor (recommended)
  • Internet Explorer browser
  • Phone or computer with headset/microphone/speakerphone feature


Get More Information

To learn more about CPM’s virtual training capabilities, please contact our head office to discuss needs and course customization.

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