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In-class courses are based in Western Canada, mainly in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. Our class sizes are typically 12 students per session. Each student is given hands-on access to Primavera P6 Professional (Windows) Client or Primavera P6 Web Access. Our training classes include workshops and case studies, which provide best practices on how to create, update, and manage projects successfully in P6.

Our most popular course is Project Management Fundamentals in P6 (CPM102), which is an introduction to P6 Professional (Windows Client). If you would like to enhance your knowledge, our Advanced course (CPM106) is designed to give users a more in-depth look at the software.

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We offer our courses in a Condensed and Regular format. Condensed training provides experienced students with a faster-paced environment to learn the same content in a shorter period of time. CPM instructors continually strive to help participants understand concepts and techniques for using Primavera P6, but less time is spent covering topics in the Condensed course format. If you want more time with the instructor, register for courses in the Regular format to learn P6 at a slower pace that is comfortable and convenient.

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CPM101 – Project Management Fundamentals in Primavera P6 R8 Web Access

This course provides hands-on training for Primavera’s web-based solution. Participants will receive an overview of project management concepts, assign resources, adjust the project plan to account for schedule delays and over-allocated resources, and analyze portfolios. Participants will also customize the Personal Workspace – their “homepage” – and use the Project Workspace to collaborate with team members, manage documents, and initiate a project request. This 3-day course includes lesson reviews and workshops to reinforce course materials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Using P6 Web Access to create and edit projects
  • Understanding data in P6 and create an advanced analysis
  • Enterprise level management of your project
  • Super administrative functions of P6…and much more

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of project management theory. 

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CPM102 – Project Management Fundamentals in Primavera P6 R8 Windows

Our most popular course will teach you how to use the P6 Project Management Power Client from the ground up in 3 days. You will learn everything you need to know to get scheduling and planning with our hands-on training. You will be able to create and track an entire project to completion, using the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resource, and costs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Using P6 Windows Client tools to create and edit projects
  • Comprehensive scheduling techniques
  • Customize and manage your project day-to-day
  • Project level analysis of your resources and activities…and much more

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of project management theory.

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CPM106 – Advanced Project Management in Primavera P6 Windows

This course is for those who want to take their Primavera knowledge to the next level. You’ll learn about Primavera’s advanced scheduling and resource management tools. This 2-day course is designed to give current P6 users a more in-depth look at the software. Many of the lessons will aid the project office in determining how to set-up users, maintain security and define global data items such as calendars and activity codes. Other lessons aid project managers in modifying multiple activities using global change, performing extensive earned-value analysis and importing or exporting project data.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create customized data, set-up users, and maintain global data items
  • Level resources and modify multiple activities
  • Manage risks and perform extensive earned-value analysis…and much more

Prerequisite: CPM102 or experience in using the P6 Professional (Windows) Client. 

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CPM106A – Administration in Primavera P6 and P6 Web Access

Need to manage a P6 Enterprise installation? Create new users? Establish security and permissions? this course is for the Administrator in your organization. We’ll teach you how to manage and administer P6 and P6 Web Access. We’ll show you how to set-up P6 right the first time, so you won’t have to do it again later! The course also covers administration topics in P6 Web Access, including User Interface views and calculated user-defined fields.

Learning Objectives:

  • Complete a wide variety of administrative functions
  • Create users and assign their security privileges
  • Create enterprise data, such as project codes, cost accounts, and financial periods…and much more

Prerequisites: CPM101 and CPM102 or experience in using the P6 Professional (Windows) Client and P6 Web Access. 

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STO300 – Primavera P6 for STO Planning & Scheduling

This CPM Solutions and STOnavigator original course is an essential curriculum for any organization running maintenance and turnaround projects. This 3-day intensive training course is designed by STOnavigator Masters for the individuals responsible for the planning, scheduling and execution management and control functions associated with shutdowns, turnarounds, outages and capital projects. You will learn to maximize the effectiveness of Primavera P6 for managing projects in combination with best-practice management tools for estimating, schedule development and field execution. This will help ensure your overall project meets your key performance targets associated with safety, cost, duration, work efficiency and quality.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to properly develop a plan based on realistic estimates
  • Apply productivity factors and measure performance
  • Develop and manage a dynamic schedule using the Primavera P6 leveling capabilities
  • Learn how to get buy-in from field execution and operations coordinators during the outage…and much more

Prerequisite: Knowledge of project management processes/principles and experience in planning or executing Turnaround Maintenance projects. 

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