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Technical Support

We Have P6 Technical Specialists

CPM Technical Support Services provide reliable and authoritative product support for businesses using the Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM suite. These services give customers a central point of contact when dealing with functional or technical problems and is provided by certified Oracle Primavera P6 consultants.

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Installation, Configuration and Infrastructure Consulting

Setting up database servers and different instances can be a painful and long process. Often, companies are running multiple applications and need to ensure that they will not adversely affect each other on the servers. Other times, businesses may not have an infrastructure plan in place at all. Instead of spending hours reading installation guides and risking an incompatible set-up, have our experts do it in less time and guide you step-by-step.

CPM Solutions also provides one hour of complementary product installation on top of the purchase of your P6 licenses. Depending on the complexity of the installation it may take a minimum of 3-5 hours for CPM’s technical exports to work with your IT department. CPM’s Senior IT consultant has been working closely with Priamvera for over 7 years and has in-depth knowledge of how P6 works and you’ll have the assurance that P6 will be properly installed.

Troubleshooting, Product Support, Patching and Upgrades

We’re well versed with many of the things that can go “wrong” in the application. Ask us a question and get an answer. We can help diagnose errors, connection failures, glitches, and more. If you’re not up-to-date on the annual software maintenance, we can help you out with that too!

  • Troubleshooting and finding solutions for: Event Code errors, Out of Memory errors, Database Connection failures, Bad Pubuser errors, Bad Privuser errors and more
  • Customized utilities that enable you to do a full back-up and restore of your databases
  • Answers and help for any level of user from the occasional end-user to system administrators
  • Database and server management
  • Development of data utility tools and add-ons


Integrations and Custom Programming

Sometimes, an application may need tweaking or customization to be more congruent with your business. Luckily, most of the larger enterprise applications are adaptable for integration with tools that can speak to your other systems or translate data in a way your team can easily understand and manoeuvre. However, this is not a simple job for any IT professional. Be sure to have a specialist that understands the application inside out first.[/tab]

File and Data Conversions

If you need your data in a different format, we can custom batch convert it for you and check the integrity of the data as well. We also a created a handy tool so that you can do it yourself.[/tab]

Custom Report Scripting

Can’t get the data to look a certain way for your stakeholders? Trying to combine data from external applications into a report? Let us write a script for you so that you can get exactly what you need.

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