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Have P6 Set Up Right The First Time

Since Primavera P6 is software that relies on a centralized database, some technical expertise is needed in order to get Primavera installed on your company’s network. After installed, there may be an additional requirement to customize the settings in Primavera to your company’s needs. CPM Solutions can help with its well-recognized Primavera Consulting solutions.

These are some key advantages to our approach:

  • Focuses on business needs
  • Maximizes client’s investment
  • Defines the “How”, “Who”, “What”, and “When”
  • Fosters client collaboration & ownership
  • Plans for growth


Product Installation and Configuration Services

CPM Solutions provides a one-hour complimentary Technical Project Installation consultancy service on top of the purchase of your P6 licenses. Since P6 is designed to work in a database in a driven manner, the installation and the set-up of P6 can get a little complex.

Most companies have an IT department or have an IT expert that can handle the technical aspects of installing P6 and setting up the database. If you don’t have an in-house IT department, then CPM Solutions has the expertise and experience to get P6 EPPM installed properly. CPM’s Senior IT consultant has been working closely with Primavera for over 7 years and has in-depth knowledge about how P6 works so you’ll have the assurance that P6 will be properly installed.

Once P6 is set up for your company, your Project Managers, Planners, and Schedulers will be able to access P6 in a few different ways, through: Citrix, Windows Terminal Services, a web browser (in Web Access), or through a hosted cloud solution.

Implementation Services

The ‘out-of-the-box’ installation of Oracle Primavera P6 comes with a basic configuration set-up which requires additional customization of the administrative or ‘global’ settings in P6 to cater to your company’s needs. The whole process of customizing Primavera’s configuration is called implementation in the Primavera world. Oracle usually relies on its Primavera partners and consulting companies with P6 Implementation Specialists to help clients set up P6 once they’ve purchased their software licenses. P6 consultants would sit down with your project team to conduct a needs analysis to help configure Primavera for you.

Why is it important to have P6 configured by an Implementation Specialist?

One of the main reasons it is necessary to have P6 configured is to make sure that the security and user access settings are properly configured to be scalable from a few to 100s of users. It is important to remember that P6 is database driven, where multiple people can work on and make changes to the same project at the same time. It is necessary to ensure that people are given access to only their projects or even parts of the projects they are responsible for. Once the security profiles are created, a user can be assigned different levels of access to various parts of Primavera, whether it’s “read only” to “can edit but not delete” to “no access”.

CPM offers implementation consultancy services that will help customize the functionality of P6 for your company. CPM’s consultants will sit down with your project team and conduct a needs analysis and will help configure P6 for you. Depending on the complexity of your company’s requirements, we advise a minimum of 8-10 hours of Implementation Consultancy services.

Some of the settings this process will help set up are:

  • The EPS (Enterprise Project Structure)
  • The OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure)
  • Security Profiles – Global and Project Security Profiles
  • User Profiles
  • Global Dictionaries – resources, calendars, project & activity codes, notebook topics, etc…


The implementation process can vary depending on the complexity of your company’s needs; a straight forward implementation can take as little as a day to a week. If there is a requirement to integrate other software programs with P6, then it may take upwards of a year or more to make sure everything is set up properly and tested.

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