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Primavera P6 Training Courses

If you have never used Primavera P6 before, we highly advise that you take CPM’s three day P6 training. The course has a practical approach on how to use P6 from project creation, WBS, activities, relationships, scheduling, resources, and reporting.

CPM Solutions provides basic and advanced level classroom training courses presented regularly in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and in many new locations by experienced, professional trainers.

To learn more about our courses, go to our main Primavera P6 training page here.


Other Training Services

ON-SITE TRAINING (click to expand)

In addition to its regularly scheduled classes, CPM Solutions Ltd. offers software training to organization-specific clients with 5 or more participants, either on-site at the client’s location or at our training offices. Courses can be customized to match the organization and user’s needs, tailoring the standard workshops to the client’s own project data and terminology.

To schedule a course and/or discuss your needs, please contact us.

VIRTUAL TRAINING (click to expand)

Today’s collaborative web technology now allows CPM Solutions to deliver courses in a virtual classroom. Students can be located anywhere in the world and simply need access to a phone and the internet to take part in our fully interactive, live training.

Courses Offered Virtually
On special request only, virtual classroom training is available for groups of 5 or more students.

With CPM’s Virtual Classroom Training you get comprehensive training from Primavera experts using seamless over-the web connectivity. The same content delivered in CPM’s traditional “brick and mortar” classrooms is presented during virtual classroom deliveries. As in CPM’s traditional classrooms, CPM virtual classroom stresses hands-on learning providing each registered student with exclusive access to live Primavera systems throughout each course.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Training
In addition to the substantial travel cost savings and elimination of travel hassles, other benefits from attending virtual training include:

  • Training from wherever you choose
  • Access to a live instructor for the complete duration of the course
  • Longer daily access to CPM Primavera servers for hands-on activities than in traditional CPM classrooms. Access is not limited to training center hours
  • Access to electronic versions of course materials which you can optionally print. No need to haul or ship bulky printed manuals back home after class completion
  • Use your own PC for the duration of the class
  • Interaction with classmates from North America and the world

How does Virtual Training work?

  • Students connect to the virtual classroom either by phone or VOIP and through a web-enabled computer
  • A CPM instructor leads the class using collaboration software
  • The instructor can share any application on their desktop, including slideshows and the Primavera software for demonstrations
  • Students connect to CPM servers to access the Primavera software and complete assignments in real-time – no Primavera software is installed on student PCs
  • Students can easily share their screen with the instructor and the entire class for questions or troubleshooting
  • Set-up instructions are sent to students well in advance of the training

What You’ll Need to Take a Virtual Course
The technical requirements to participate in a virtual classroom delivery are basic and not expensive to implement. The following is a summary of the major requirements:

  • Ability of registered student to download software, plug-ins, etc. required for participation in a virtual classroom delivery
  • Computer (laptop, desktop, PC)
  • High-speed Internet access (LAN, DSL, cable)
  • 17 inch or larger monitor (recommended)
  • Internet browser
  • Phone with headset/microphone or speakerphone feature

Student/Customer Responsibility
Two business days prior to delivery start, an e-mail will be sent to each registered student identifying the required software downloads and activities to be carried out before the start of their virtual classroom delivery.

It is the responsibility of each registered student to plan time for and complete all required software installation and other outlined activities prior to the start of the class.

Students/customers are discouraged from registering for a virtual classroom delivery if they will not be able to complete these activities prior to delivery start. Failure to complete these activities will negatively impact the satisfaction of the student/customers with the virtual classroom delivery.

Get More Information
To learn more about CPM’s virtual training capabilities, please contact our head office to discuss needs and course customization.

ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING (click to expand)

Customers can now request ad-hoc training sessions as required. Often delivered by phone or virtual web conferences, these sessions can be used to deliver quick and focused training on-demand.

Ad-hoc 1-on-1 training via phone or web to cover any area of the product, as required.